IPhone 5s Users: Update ahead

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Just as we got our hands on an iPhone 5s and its 64bit wide glory, we found out that the bluetooth transfer did not work anymore on this device. But it was not only us, nearly every multiplayer title on the AppStore fails to work on 64 bit.

Anyway, we fixed this as fast as we could and the update is on its way to your device!




Update 2.3 for AirDoc submitted!

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And what’s new you ask?

First, you can import movies from your camera roll and your photo library. Pretty cool, if you want to share your current recordings with some friends around you.

Second, you can now ask us directly in the App for support or send us new ideas.

Ah, and some icons and UI fixes are in there.

Have fun and be productive,


The new icon for AirDoc!

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The new icon for AirDoc!


iOS 7 Update is submitted to Apple!

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Not only the technical details were matched to Apples latest and great iOS 7 but also the visuals are now seamless with the new look. Flat and beautiful.


Update 2.1 is submitted!

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Summer is finally here, but we did not hang out on the beach. Instead we did a cool update 😉 

Check out the improved image viewer (finally view images on the iPhone without the toolbar on top).

Stay tuned for more cool (or hot) updates


How to share with Air Doc

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How to share with Air Doc


Submitted: Device – to – device sharing on the way!

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As announced, a really big update is on the way for Air Doc – the possibility to share files from device to device using a bluetooth connection.

So now you can share fotos with your friends on the go or documents with your co-workers without the need for any network connection or internet data plan.

Should be available really soon – of course as a free update to all our Air Doc customers.