We are a small development company located in Austria and we are specialized in iOS mobile application development. Find informations about our newest Apps here.


10 Responses to “About”

  1. I’d like to send information to my iPhone as well as to the macbook air.
    Will it work on both?

    • Hi,

      Air Doc is only for sending files from your Mac to your iOS device (and back when the next update is released).

      Unfortunately you cannot send files between Macs (maybe in a later update)


  2. G’day,

    I apologise for having to leave this as a comment. I have just purchased air doc viewer and have just tried to download the mac store version of the app and it keeps telling me the download has failed.

    Any assistance will be very much appreciated,


    • Hi,

      just to be sure – its not that you start the App and an error shows up, but its an error while downloading the app?

      If this is the case, something on your system may be wrong- do you have all the latest updates from Apple installed? What OSX do you run? (Snow Leopard, Lion?) Do you have an OSX-Developer Account installed on your machine (this sometimes messes up the Appstore Certificates)?

      Maybe its just a hiccup in Apples Store – maybe try again and contact me if it still doesn’t work in about 24 hours. I will send you a version that does not need the AppStore if it still doesn’t work tomorrow.

      Hope this helps,

  3. I have just purchased Air Drop, but can’t seems to download multiple files or a folder. Is this a limitation of the software, or is there a way?

  4. Hi Michael
    I am trying to transfer a folder of about 50 Word files from my desktop Mac to the iPad. I can transfer individual files without problems, but I can’t transfer the folder or selected multiple files at one time.

  5. After months of perfect use, I am having a problem with air doc on my Mac side. Though it’s open on my mac and iPhone 5, the mac side of things says “no airdoc viewer found”. I’ve tried deleting and re-installing the app, but with no luck. Any help?

    • Hi,

      are you using the same Wlan network as before? To check if your iPhone WLAN access works, please open the App and activate “File Sharing”. You should see a window sliding in with a web url (something like Please enter this URL into Safari on your Mac and see if you can get a connection to Air Doc. Drop me a line if this works, so we can figure what to check next.

      best regards,

  6. HI Michael,
    Thanks. I was actually picking up a different wi fi network than I normally do at home. Once I swtiched over to my own network, no issues. Thanks!

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